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This Bulletproof Vest Can Be Shipped Internationally! 

Protection Group Denmark is proud to present the PGD-Alpha, its most advanced bulletproof and stab proof vest carrier system made for concealable use.

The Alpha carrier system accepts 2 types of soft armor inserts for different specifications. This armor is 100% made in Denmark at their ISO9001:2015 certified facilities in Randers with ballistic materials from US Honeywell; Spectra Shield, and Gold shield. You can rest assured that you’re getting the best quality in body armor and stab proof vests with Protection Group Denmark.

While bullet proof vests are not always stab resistant, PGD has always included anti-stab protection with their ballistic vests.

Stab force is measured by joules. The higher amount of joules covered, the higher force from a knife the soft armor will be protective against. Compare this to similar stab proof vests available.

This vest is made and designed to the highest quality standards in Randers, Denmark. Bulletproof Zone is the only authorized and official U.S. dealer of PGD products since 2017.

A man stitching a black fabric using a sewing machine and a photo of a soft armor material

You can choose PGD ALPHA bulletproof vests in two ballistic solutions:

  • BRAVO IIIA + 27J, is our basic soft armor. It meets all the requirements you want to set for an ordinary bulletproof vest.

  • DELTA IIIA + 55J, is more flexible, thinner, lighter and more resistant to stabs than BRAVO.

Notice the three definitions in the Bravo and Delta names: IIIA, 27J and 55J.

  • “IIIA” is the level of protection of the vest. NIJ IIIA is the highest level of protection against small arms and shows how bulletproof the vest is. If the vest needs to stop more powerful threats than hand-gun threats, then you need to upgrade with hard armor plates.

  • “27J” and “55J” are how hard a stab from a knife, the vest stops. “J” stands for Joules and is the unit of measurement for the energy needed to penetrate the vest. 27J is the standard for bulletproof vests and stops superficial stabs. 55J feels like trying to poke a hole in a locked door with a wet paper towel.

The two vests protect equally well against hand-guns, but very differently against stabbing weapons.

Both vests protect at NIJ level 3a (IIIA) against hand guns. However, there is a noticeable difference in how powerful a stab they can stop from a knife, as we have added a unique composition that also allows the vests to stop knives.


Bravo IIIA + 27J is made of Spectra shield from Honeywell and a special trauma technology. When we combine the two materials, we can make a lighter vest with more comfort.

Honeywell is one of the world’s leading companies in the development and production of ballistic materials and has control over what they do.

The special trauma technology has been developed by Protection Group Denmark and provides a hybrid bullet and stab proof vest, which stops knives up to 27 joules!


  • NIJ IIIA 0101.04 / 06
  • NIJ 0115.00 S1 27 joules.
  • 7mm thin (It’s probably thinner than your mobile phone).
  • 6/10 flexibility
  • Recommended for men only


DELTA IIIA + 55J is flexible, thin (only 4.9 mm), and allows a stab proof vest to protect up to 55 joules of stab force.

The Delta consists of a Goldshield from Honeywell material, and is our most flexible bullet and stab proof vest, while also shaping itself to both men and women’s bodies.

Delta armor insert



  • NIJ IIIA 0101.04
  • NIJ 0115.00 S1 55 joules
  • Ultra thin, only 4.9 mm.
  • 10/10 flexibility
  • UNISEX – works in bullet and stab proof vests for both men and women.




Find out other things you need to consider when buying a concealable bulletproof vest. 

Size guide for concealable bulletproof and stab proof vests:

Size Waist measurement (at the navel)
Small 60-70 cm
Medium 70-80 cm
Large 80-90 cm
X-Large 90-100 cm
2X-Large 100-110 cm
3X-Large 110-125 cm


Panel Size Data (Unit: cm)


S size bulletproof vest sizing guide
M size bulletproof vest sizing guide
L size bulletproof vest sizing guide
XL size bulletproof vest sizing guide
2XL size bulletproof vest sizing guide
3XL size bulletproof vest sizing guide

Utilizing the Best bulletproof vest technology to keep your body temperature just right.

The Protection Group Denmark ALPHA IIIA – DELTA bulletproof vest use Outlast® PCM technology. This NASA technology keeps your body at the perfect temperature, neither too hot nor too cold, just right.

Outlast® PCM means you can wear the vest for long periods, 12-14 hours at a time if needed!

Graph of the Outlast® technology compared with traditional products

Note: Outlast® is a technology, not a material. Outlast® can hold and release heat better versus traditional mesh/foam absorbent materials that only release sweat and heat.

This makes our bulletproof vest lined with Outlast® significantly more comfortable than traditional vests that only have sweat-absorbing materials.

Who is Protection Group Danmark?

Protection Group Danmark was founded in 2013 and is located in Randers, Denmark. A small family-owned company, its full production is based in Europe. PGD specializes in manufacturing small quantity, high-quality materials using well-known companies such as Honeywell, Kevlar, Teijin, and DSM. Protection Group Danmark is ISO9001:2015 certified and owns its soft armor factory in Denmark.

ISO 9001:2015 certification of Protection Group Denmark

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Whether you are a military service member looking to find your own gear, a professional that operates in the security field, or an avid firearms enthusiast that capitalizes the importance of safety when shooting, our tactical gear will provide you the level of protection you need.

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